Bertels pladeoversigt

Brtl's ekskvisite, inspirerende og uovertrufne samling af fantastiske, forunderlige, flamboyante, formidable og for fede compactdiske!

…And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead Worlds Apart 2005
16 Horsepower Hoarse 1998
22 Pistepirkko Big Lupu 1992
22 Pistepirkko Bare Bone Nest 1999
22 Pistepirkko Rally of Love 2001
22 Pistepirkko Downhill City OST 1999
59 Times The Pain Calling The Public
ABBA Forever Gold 1996
AC/DC - High Voltage 1976 D
AC/DC - Flick of the Switch
AC/DC - Black Ice
Acoustic Guitars Out of the Blue
Adams, Ryan Mikker-mix
Adams, Ryan Gold 2001
Adams, Ryan (Cardinals) Jacksonville City Nights 2005
Air Moon Safari 1998
Alabama 3 Outlaw 2005
Albertsen, Lars og Enselmann, Lars Bo Stan Gets in Your Eyes
Alice In Chains Dirt 1992 D
Amos, Tori Little Earthquakes 1992
Amos, Tori The Beekeeper 2005
Anastacia Not That Kind 2000
Andersen, Benny og Dissing Poul - Svantes Viser
Arcade Fire Neon Bible D
Armatrading, Joan - Classic
Armstrong, Louis Classic (Comp.) 1999
Auerbach, Dan - Keep It Hid
Automatic, The Not Accepted Anywhere 2006
Aqua - Aquarium 1997 (M)
B., Pede - Stadig Beskidt
Baal - Beind Your Echoes
Baal Do You Come With Special Features? 2005
Bad Religion No Substance 1998
Bad Religion Punk Rock Songs 2002
Bandit, The Babyskin & Bacon 2005
Basie, Count Swingin' the Blues (Comp.) 1993 
Beach Boys, The - Pet Sounds
Beastie Boys Check Your Head 1992
Beastie Boys To the 5 Boroughs 2004
Beatles Golden Beatles
Beck Guero 2005
BellRays, The The Red, White and Black 2004
Biohazard State of the World Address 1994
Bjørn Svin Benene på Nakken 1999
Black Heart Procession - The Spell (M:B)
Black Keys, The - Attack & Release 2008
Black Keys, The - Brothers
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Howl 2005
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Baby 81 D
Black Rebel Motorcycle - Take Them On On Your Own
Black Rebel Motorcycle - B.R.M.C.
Black Sabbath Master of Reality 1971
Black Sabbath Paranoid 1970
Black Sabbath Vol. 4
Black Sabbath Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
Black Sabbath - S.T. 1970 (X)
Black, Gus Autumn Days 2005
Blank, Amanda - I Love You (M)
Bli Glad Kærlighed til Folket
Blind Melon Nico 1996
Blind Melon Soup 1995
Blind Melon S.T. 1992
Blink 182 Enema of the State
Blondie Very Best of D
Blood Divine, The Awaken T
Bloodhound Gang One Fierce Beer Coaster 1996 D
Blue Foundation This is Goddbye - Drabet OST (single) 2005
Blue Van, The The Art of Rolling 2004
Blue Van, The Revelation of Love (single) 2005
Boel. Hanne - Dark Passion (MADS!!!)
Bon Jovi Have a Nice Day 2005
Bosshoss, The Internashville Urban Hymns
Bowie, David Ziggy Stardust
Breakers, The What I Want 2004
Brian Jonestown Massacre Bringing it All Back Home Again T
Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Tomorrow's Heroes Today 2003
Brudevalsen Say Hello to Darkness 2002
Buckley, Jeff Grace 1994
Buckley, Tim Best of ... 
Buddy Holly The B.H. Story 1989
Buffalo Springfield - S.T. (N:B)
Buffalo Springfield - Again (N:B)
Buffalo Springfield - Last Time Around (N:B)
Bush, George W. Bushspeak - The Curious Wit & Wisdom og GWB.
Bustups, The They're Airborne 2005
Buttenschøn, Thomas - Fantastiske Mandag
Buttenschøn, Thomas - Køter
Buzzcocks, The The Complete Singles Anthology
Cale, J.J. The Very Best of ... 1997
Calexico Hot Rail
Cannibal Corpse The Bleeding 1994
Cantrell, Jerry Boggy Depot 1998
Carcass - Heartwork (M)
Cardigans, The Super Extra Gravity 2005
Carpark North - Grateful
Cash, Johnny At San Quentin 1969
Cash, Johnny - Unchained
Cash, Johnny American 3, Solitary Man 2000 D
Cash, Johnny Dillermix D
Cash, Johnny American IV: The Man Comes Around 2002
Cash, Johnny American Revordings V: A Hundred Highways
Cash, Johnny The Collection
Catch 22 Live T
Cave, Nick (Bad Seeds) Murder Ballads 1996
Chapman, Tracy Greatest Hits 99 1999
Chapman, Tracy Telling Stories 2000
Cher Greatest Hits 65-92 1992
Cherry Overdrive Clear Light 2006
Clapton, Eric Unplugged 1992
Clapton, Eric Blues 1999
Clapton, Eric Story
Clapton, Eric og Beck, Jeff Giants of Guitar
Clash, The London Calling 1979
Clash, The The Story of … Vol 1 1999 T
Clash, The S.T. 1977
Clash, The Give 'em Enough Rope 1978
Cline, Patsy Walking After Midnight 1993
Clinton, George S.T. 2006
Cohen, Leonard Various Positions 1984
Cohen, Leonard The Future 1992 T
Cohen, Leonard I'm Your Man 1988
Cohen, Leonard Greatest Hits 1975 T
Coldplay Parachutes 2000
Coldplay A Rush of Blood to the Head 2002
Cole, Nat King Ultimate (Comp.) 2000
Collins, Phil Both Sides 1993
Collins, Phil …Hits 1998
Coloursound Revolution, The When Everybody Is Out Is Everybody In 2005
Cooper, Alice Trash
Corrosion of Conformity In the Arms of God 2004
Corrosion of Conformity Americas Volume Dealer 2000
Costello, Elvis Kojak Variety 1995
County, Wayne and the Electric Chairs - Rock 'n Roll Cleopatra (M)
Cranberries, The Bury The Hatchet 1999
Cranberries, The Zombie (single) 1994
Crooked Vultures, Them - S.T. (klub)
DAD Helpyourselfish 1995
Dandy Warhols Come Down D
Dane T.S. Hawk and his Great Mungo Dilmuns Bøh - Music to an Imaginary Nordic Horrror Tale
Danzig I M
Danzig IV M
Dario G. Carnaval de Paris 1998
Dark Tranquility - Fiction
David, Craig The Story Goes … 2005
Davis, Miles Milestones 1958
Davis, Miles Nefertiti 1968
Davis, Miles Kind of Blue
Davis, Miles - Feat. John Coltrane (4 CD Box) (N)
De Skrigende Halse Testament for Ronni 1997
Dead Weather, The - Sea of Cowards
Death Individual Thought Patterns 1993
Death Human 1998
Deleuran Don't Touch My Soul 2004
Demolition Inc. S.T. - Demo 2005
Depeche Mode The Singles 86-98 1998 
Devastations - Coal (T)
Devil Driver - The Fury of our Makers Hand - 2005 (M)
Diarrhoea Demon Dogfood 1996
Dicte Between Any Four Walls 1994
Dicte Voodoo Vibe 1996
Dicte This is Cool 2000
DiFranco, Ani So Much Shouting, So Much Laughter 2002
DiFranco, Ani Evolve 2003
DiFranco, Ani To The Teeth
Dire Straits Sultans of Swing (Best of) 
Dismember - Casket Garden (M)
Dixie Chicks Wide Open Spaces 1998
Dog Eat Dog Who's the King? (single) 1995
Dog Eat Dog Amped 1999
Dokken Long Way Home 2002
Dropkick Murphys Sing Loud, Sing Proud
Drori Hansen Furniture - Family  (M)
Dylan, Bob Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid 1973
Dylan, Bob Desire 1975 T
Dylan, Bob Love And Theft
Dylan, Bob Blonde on Blonde
Dylan, Bob Dylan (BOX)
Dylan, Bob - Tell Tale Signs (T)
Dylan, Bob - Dylan and the Dead
Dylan, Bob - Blood on the Tracks
Dylan, Bob - The Rolling Thunder Ravue
Eels - Blinking Lights 2005
Eels - Electro Shock Blues T
Eels - Hombre Lobo (klub)
Eels - Beautiful Freak
Eels - Souljacker
Einstürzende Neubauten Silence is Sexy
Ekdahl, Lisa Daybreak (single) 2000
Electric Six - Fire (N:B)
Ellington, Duke 1927-1931 1927-1931
Eminem Guilty Conscience (single) 1999
Eminem The Marshall Mathers LP 2000
Eminem Don't Call Me Marshall (Comp.)
Enigma Le Roi est Mort, Vive le Roi
Eno, Brian Music for Films 1978
Eno, Brian Apollo 1983
Entombed Left Hand Path 1989
Evanescence Anywhere But Home 2004
Everlast Today 1999
Everlast Eat at Whitey's 2000
Eyelid If it Kills 1998
Fabulous Thunderbirds, Te High Water 1997
Faces Five Guys Walk into a Bar (Box) 2004
Fenger, Søs Gamle Flammer 1997
Ferrer, Ibrahim Buena Viste Social Club
Fjell Skateboarder 2005
Fleet Foxes - S.T. 2008 (T)
Flogging Molly Whiskey on a Sunday
Foo Fighters S.T.
Foo Fighters The Colour and The Shape
Foo Fighters Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace
Foo Fighters - Wasting Light (N)
Force of Evil Black Empire
Fourty-Fives, The High Life, High Volume 2004
Frank, Jackson C. - Blues Run the Game (M)
Franz Ferdinand Do You Want To 2005
Freya Tea With the Queen 1999
Frogstone Swinging With the Pendulum 2001
Fucked Up - The Chemistry of Common Life - 2008 (Mas)
Fugees The Score 1996
Furious Trauma Eclipse 1995
G.F. Ninetythree Beaten
Gallows, The Orchestra of Wolves M
Garbage S.T. 1995
Garbage Bleed Like Me 2005
Gibbons, Beth and Rustin' Man Out of Season D
Gilberto, Bebel S.T. 2004
Go Go's - Beauty and the Beat (M:B)
Godspeed You Black Emperor Lift Yr Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven M
Gogol Bordello Gypsy Punks - Underdo World Strike
Gomez Bring it On 1998
Gomez In Our Gun 2002
Gomez Liquis Skin
Gomez Split the Difference
Gore Gore Girls - Get The Gore (M:B)
Grant Lee Buffalo Fuzzy 1993
Grant Lee Buffalo Mighty Joe Moon 1994
Grant Lee Buffalo Copperopolis 1996
Grant Lee Buffalo Jubilee 1998
Grant Lee Buffalo Storm Hymnal 2001
Grant Lee Phillips Ladies' Love Oracle 1999
Grant Lee Phillips Mobilize 2001
Grant Lee Phillips Virginia Creeper 2004
Gray, David Life in Slow Motion 2005
Gray, David White Ladder 1998
Gray, Macy On How Life Is 1999
Green Day Insomniac
Green Day Dookie
Green, Robert Sleeping at a 100 MPH 2007
Guns n' Roses Use Your Illusion 1 1991
Guns n' Roses Use Your Illusion 2 1991
Guns n' Roses Appetite For Destruction 1987 ?
G/Z/R - Plastic Planet 1995 (M)
Gåte Iselilja 2004
Hagen, Nina - Very Best of ... (T:B)
Happy Mondays Yes Please 1992
Harper, Ben Welcome to the Cruel World 1994
Harper, Ben The Will to Live 1997
Harper, Ben (Innocent Criminals) Burn to Shine 1999
Harper, Ben (Innocent Criminals) Live From Mars 2001
Hart, Beth Screamin' for my Supper 1999
Harvey, P. J. Rid of Me 1993
Harvey, P. J. - Let England Shake
Hasselhoff, David Crazy on a Saturday 1994
Head Automatica Decadence
Headbutt Tiddles 1994
Headhunters, The Return of … 1998
Hellacopters, The Rock N' Roll is Dead 2005
Helmig, Thomas Dream 1999
Henry, Joe - Tiny Voices
HIM And Love Said No 2004
HIM Dark Light
Hives, The Barely Legal
Holiday, Billie Ultimate (Comp.) 1997
Holiday, Billie Lady Sings the Blues 1955/56
Humpers, The Live Forever og Die Trying 1996
Hybrid Children Bleed Baby Bleed
Hydrogenium Club Albanao
Ibrahim Electric Absinthe 2006
Iggy Pop Raw Power T
Illdisposed Four Depressive Seasons
International Noise Conspiracy, The The First Conspiracy
Iron Maiden A Matter of Life and Death 2006
Iron Maiden Edward the Great 2005 D
Iron Maiden - The Number of the Beast
Jackson, Wanda - Queen of Rockabilly (M)
Jackson, Wanda - s.t. (M) 
Jackson, Wanda - Rockin' With Wanda (M)
Japandroids - Post-Nothing
Jazzmatazz - 1 1993 (M)
Jerry Garcia Band, The After Midnight 1980
Jeso Bodies 2004
Joe Henry Tiny Voices T
Joe Henry Tiny Voices T
Joe Strummer and The Mescaleros Streetcore
John, Elton Greatest Hits 1970-2002 2002
Jokeren Gigolo Jesus 2005
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, The Now I Got Worry 1996 Jones, Norah Come Away With Me 2002
Jones, Norah Feels Like Home 2004
Jones, Tom - It's Not Unusual (M)
Jones, Quincy og Washington, Dinah 1955
Joplin, Janis Pearl 1971
Joplin, Janis Greatest Hits 1973
Joplin, Janis Janis - Early Performances 1975
Joy Division - Best of ...
Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures
Junior Senior Hey Hey, My My, Yo Yo 2005
Kaiser Chiefs Employment 2005
Kaizers Orchestra Maestro 2005
Kane, Candye White Trash Girl 2005
Kasabian S.T. 2004
Kashmir The Good Life 1999
Kashmir Zitilites 2003
Kashmir No Balance Palace 2005
Kashmir Travelogue
Katzenjammer - Le Pop
Keb' Mo Peace - Back by Popular Demand 2004
Kent Isola 1997
Kent Hagnesta Hill 1999
Kent Vapen Och Ammunition 2002
Kent Du & Jag Döden 2005
Kim Larsen Værsgo' M
King, B.B. og Clapton, Eric Riding With the King 2000
Kings of Leon - Youth and Young Manhood T
Kings of Leon - Aha Shake Heartbreak
Kills, The - Midnight Boom
Klezmofobia - Tantz!
Klezmofobia - Ganze Velt
Kliche Supertanker
Kyuss And The Circus Leaves Town T
Lack Be There Pulse 2005
Lamb Fear of Fours 1999
Lamb of God Ashes of the Wake 2004
Lanegan, Mark - Bubblegum
Langsyne Silent Storm 2005
Lavatory To Protect and to Serve 1993
Led Zeppelin Houses of the Holy 1973
Led Zeppelin III 1970 T
Led Zeppelin I
Legends, The Up Against the Legends 2003
Lemon Jelly S.T.
Lennon, John Wonsaponatime 1998
Life of Agony Broken Valley 2005
Linkin Park Live in Texas
Live Secret Samadhi 1997
Live The Distance To Here 1999
Live Throwing Copper 1994
Live (feat. Tricky) Simple Creed (single) 2001
Lostprophets Start Something 2003
Love, Courtney America's Sweetheart 2004
Lovebites S.T.
Lullabye Arkestra, Ampgrave (M:B)
Machine Head Old (e.p.) 1995
Mad Cows Sing -
Madrugada The Deep End 2005
Magtens Korridorer Friværdi 2005
Major Headcase S.T.
Malk de Koijn Smash Hit in Aberdeen 1998
Malk de Koijn Sneglzilla
Malkmus, Steven S.T. 2001
Mano Negra In the Hell of Patchinko 1992
Manu Chao - Esperanza 
Manu Chao - La Radiolina
Marley, Bob Legend (Comp.)
Martin, Dean Golden Memories 1997
Massive Attack - Blue Lines 1991
Massive Attack - Mezzanine 1998
Massive Attack - Protection 1994
Massive Attack - Heligoland (N)
Matchless Gift Satisfaction Guaranteed 1995
Matthews, Dave Some Devil 2003
Maxïmo Park Our Earthly Pleasures
Meat Loaf Bat Out of Hell II
Megadeth Greatest Hits 2005 D
Megadeth Greatest Hits D
Metallica Kill 'Em All 1983
Metallica - Ride The Lightning (N)
Metallica Master of Puppets 1986 D
Metallica … And Justice for All
Metallica S.T.
Metallica -  Garage Inc. (N)
Metallica - Death Magnetic - 2008 (N)
Metallice - Some Kind of Monster (N)
Meteors, The Wreckin' Crew
Mew Frengers
MGMT - Time To Pretend (M:B)
Michael, George Songs From the Last Century 1999
Mick Jagger Goddess in the Doorway 2001
Millencolin For Monkeys 1997
Millencolin Kingwood 2005
Millencolin Pennybridge Pioneers 1999
Ministry Dark Side of the Spoon 1999
Misc. Apocalypse Now 1979
Misc. White Christmas 1991
Misc. Heat og the Street - The Punk Generation 1993
Misc. Nasty Nasty - The Punk Generation 1993
Misc. Live and Loud - The Punk Generation 1993
Misc. Punk Rock Will Never Die - The Punk Generation 1993
Misc. Punk+ 1995
Misc. - Mojo's Festive Fifteen
Misc. Hellcat Rec.'s presents … Give 'Em the Boot 1997
Misc. Totally Punk 1997
Misc. Punk O Rama - Straight Outta the Pit 1999
Misc. - Real Raw Rockabilly
Misc. På Danske Læber 2004
Misc. God Save This Box 2005
Misc. Jazz Funk
Misc. Summertime Blues
Misc. Ladies Sing the Blues
Misc. Club Jazz
Misc. The Wedding Singer OST
Misc. Forrest Gump OST 1994
Misc. Best of MTV Unplugged 2002
Misc. Soundvenue Comp. 2003
Misc. 70'er Hits
Misc. 80'er Hits
Misc. Absolute Music 7 1994
Misc. Absolute Music 5 1994
Misc. Absolute Music 9 1995
Misc. Jazz Klassikere (Comp.) 2001
Misc. Metalized - Pounding Power 1998
Misc. Rust 15 år
Misc. Ghost Dog OST 2000
Misc. U2 Jukebox
Misc. Six Feet Under OST
Misc. Vivaldi Collection
Misc. Tribute to Neil Young (Fra Uncut Mag.)
Misc. Punk Rock BRD, Vol II T
Misc. Pusherman, Revenge of the
Misc. Pusherman, Return of the
Misc. Death Proof OST
Misc. Natural Born Killers OST T
Misc. - An Engand Story (N)
Misc. Juledrys 1996
Misc. Vibration 05 2005
Misc. Nazis Raus T
Misc. Iceland Airwaves '06
Misc. Taratino Experience 2CD (klub)
Misc. 100% Punk
Moby Play 1999
Mofus Eightbitrenegade 2005
Mogensen, John Som Han Var D
Monk, Thelonius og Coltrane, John The Complete 1957 Riverside Recordings
Monster S.T.
Moon Gringo Dirty Underwear (single)
Moore, Gary Out in the Fields
Mopeds, The Fortissimo
Morcheeba Fragments of Freedom 2000
Morcheeba Rome Wasn't Built in a Day (single) 2000
Morcheeba World Looking In (single) 2000
Morcheeba Charango 2002
Morcheeba Who Can You Trust
Morissette, Alanis Best '99 1999
Mortensen, Malene Date With a Dream
Mugison Lonely Mountain 2003
My Chemical Romance Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge 2004
Mötley Crüe Entertainment or Death
Motorhead - 1916 (M)
Motoread - Ace of Spades
Motorhead - Motorizer
Natasja I Danmark er Jeg Født D
Nekromantix Life's a Grave and I dig it
Nekromantix Dead Girls Don't Cry
Nelson de LaMotte Berlingo de Branco 1998
Nephew Interkom Kom Ind 2006 D
Newsom, Joanna - Have One on Me
Niebuhr, Michael Lovesick Again 2003
Niebuhr, Michael Sad Antenna - I Was Her Sunshine 2001
Niebuhr, Michael The Open Road
Nielsen, Tom Roy Brazilian Traveller
Nihilist (1987-1989) 2005
Nine Inch Nails With Teeth 2005
Nirvana - In Utero (klub)
No Doubt The Beacon Street Collection 1995
Norge, Kaare Guitar Player 1996
Oasis (What's the Story) Morning Glory 1995 
Oberst, Conor - s.t. (T)
Oldfield, Mike Guitars
Olesen-Olesen Anonyme Melankolikere 2002
Olsen, Allan Solo Live 2002 
One-Eyed Mule - Hobo in the Land of Love
One-Eyed Mule - From the Beats to the Bible
Opeth Damnation 2003
Opeth Still Life
Orff, Carl Carmina Burana 1988
Orishas El Kilo T
Osbourne, Ozzy - The Ozzman Cometh - 1997 (X)
Osbourne, Ozzy - No More Tears (M)
Osbourne, Ozzy - Blizzard og Ozz (M)
Osbourne, Ozzy - Diary of a Madman (M)
Over Kill - The Killing Kind 1996 (M)
Pantera Vulgar Display of Power 1992
Pantera Walk e.p. 1993
Pantera aLive and Hostile e.p. 1994
Pantera Far Beyond Driven 1994
Pantera Cowboys From Hell 1990 D
Pantera - Reinventing the Steel (2000)
Paragraf 119 - Du Har Ikke En Chance (M)
Patton, Mike - Mondo Cane (M)
Pearl Jam Vitalogy 1994
Pearl Jam - Backspacer (klub)
Pennywise About Time 1995
Petty, Tom (Heartbreakers) Into The Great Wide Open 1991
Petty, Tom (Heartbreakers) - Anthology (N:B)
Phelps, Kelly Joe - Slingshot Professionals
Piaf, Edith Icons
Piaf, Edith Definitive Gold (BOX)
Pink Floyd The Wall 1979
Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here
Pixies, The Doolittle D
Plant, Robert og Krauss, Alison - Raising Sand (X)
Pop, Iggy A Million in Prices (Comp.) 2005 T
Pop, Iggy Nude & Rude - Best of …
Portishead S.T. 1997
Portishead Best
Portishead Dummy 1994
Portishead Roseland N.Y.C. Live D
Portishead - Third 2008 (M)
Powersolo S.T.
Powersolo / Defectors Snot Dum EP 2005
Presley, Elvis #1 D
Presley, Elvis XXX
Primal Scream - Give Out But Don't Give In 1994 (X)
Primus Brown Album 1997
Primus Rhinoplasty 1998
Prince The Very Best of … D
Prodigy, The Hit Singles Collection
Psyched Up Janis Swell 1994
Psyke Project, The Aprea
Public Image Ltd. - Public Image 1978 (T)
Queen Sheer Heart Attack D
Queens of the Stone Age Songs for the Deaf 2002
Queens of the Stone Age Lullabies to Paralyze 2005
R.E.M. Out of Time 1991
R.E.M. In Time 1988-2003
Racetrack Babies The End 2005
Raconteurs, The Broken Boy Soldier D
Radiohead Kid A
Rage Against The Machine - S.T.
Rammstein Ohne Dich (single) 2004
Rammstein Liebe Ist Für Alle Da (N)
Ramones The Chrysalis Years 2002
Rancid … And Out Come the Wolves 1995
Rancid Life Won't Wait 1998
Raveonettes, The Pretty In Black 2005
Raveonettes, The Whip it On 2002
Real Group, The In the Middle of Life 2005
Red Hot Chili Peppers Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magik 1991
Red Hot Chili Peppers Live in Hyde Park 2004
Red Hot Chili Peppers Greatest Hits 2003
Red Warszawa Omvendt Blå Kors 2002
Reed, Lou Rock N' Roll Animal T
Reed, Lou Transformer D
Republica Speedballads
Rock Hard Power Spray Commercial Suicide 2006
Rock Hard Power Spray  - Trigger Nation - 2008
Rockbitch Live in Amsterdam 1997
Rodrigo y Gabriela S.T.
Rolling Stones Exile on Main St.
Roxette The Ballad Hits (MARIKES!!!) 2002
Rumour Said Fire, The - The Life and Death of a Male Body
Sabrina - Boys (M)
Salomonsen, Sanne og Doky, Chris Minh In a New York Minute 1998
Sarcevic, Nikola Roll, Roll and Flee
Satanic Surfers Going Nowhere Fast 1999
Satanic Surfers Hero of Our Time
Seasick Steve - Dog House Music (T)
Sepultura Third World Posse 1992
Sepultura Chaos A.D. 1993
Setzer, Brian (Orchestra) - Songs From Lonely Avenue (N:B)
Sex Pistols Kiss This
Sigur Ros - Takk (M)
Silverchair Neon Ballroom 1999
Simply Red Simplified 2005
Sinatra, Frank My Way - Best of … 1997
Siouxsie and the Banshees - The Scream 1978 (T)
Six Feet Under Graveyard Classics 2 2004
Skambankt Eliksir 2007
Skousen, Niels Daddy Longleg 2006 D
Skunk Anansie Stoosh 1996
Slayer Seasons in the Abyss 1990
Slayer Divine Intervention 1994
Slayer Undisputed Attitude 1996
Slayer Diabolus In Musica 1998
Slayer - South Of Heaven
Slayer Reign In Blood
Slayer - World Painted Blood (T)
Slits, The - Cut (M)
Smash Mouth Fush Yo Mang
Smashing Pumpkins, The Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness 1995
Smashing Pumpkins, The Machina, The Machines of God
Smith, Patti Gone Again 1996
Smith, Patti Twelve 2007
Smith, Patti Peace and Noise 1997
Smith, Patti Trampin'
Smith, Patti Horses/Horses 1975/2005
Smith, Patti (Group) Radio Ethiopia 1976
Smith, Patti (Group) Easter 1978
Smith, Patti (Group) Wave 1979
Social Distortion - Prison Bound (T:B)
Social Distortion - White Light, White Heat, White Trash (T:B)
Sods, The Under en Sort Sol D
Soil Re-de-fine 2004
Solid Darkside Moments 1996
Sommer, Peter - Til Rotterne, Til Kragerne, Til Hundene (klub)
Sonic Youth Goo 1990
Sophia People Are Like Seasons M
Sort Sol Unspoiled Monsters 1996
Sort Sol Circle Hits the Flame, Best of … 2002 D
Sound of Mucus Filthy Pharmacy 2004
Soulsavers - Broken
Soulsavers - It's Not How Far You Fall It's The Way You Land
Spoiler Tidsmaskin 1997
Spice Girls - Spice 1996 (M)
Springsteen, Bruce - The River (T)
Springsteen, Bruce - Born in the USA (T)
Springsteen, Bruce - Tunnel of Love (T)
Springsteen, Bruce Nebraska 1982
Springsteen, Bruce Devils and Dust 2005
Springsteen, Bruce Darkness on the Edge of Town 1978 Springsteen, Bruce We Shall Overcome (The Seeger Sessions) T
Springsteen, Bruce Greetings From Asbury Park T
Springsteen, Bruce - The Wild, The Innocent and the E Street Shuffle (T)
Springsteen, Bruce - Born To Run (T)
Springsteen, Bruce - The Rising (N)
Steppeulvene - Hip - 1967 (N)
Stevens, Cat Remember (Comp.) 1999
Stiltskin The Mind's Eye 1994
Sting Best of … 1994
Sting (Police) Very Best of …
Stone Temple Pilots Core 1992
Stone Temple Pilots No. 4 1999
Stonegard Arrows 2005
Strapping Young Lad Alien 2005
Stray Cats The Very Best of ... 2003 D
Streetlight Manifesto Everything Goes Numb T
Streets, The Original Pirate Material D
Strokes, The - Is This It (T)
Strömning Twilight Central Station
Suede S.T.
Suede Coming Up
Supernova Leave a Message 1996
Surfact - Euphoria - 2009
System Of A Down - Steal This Album
The The Dusk 2002
The The Mind Bomb
The The Hanky Panky
Therapy? Never Apologise, Never Explain 2003
Therapy? Best of 99 1999
Thordal, Kenneth Alt og Ingenting 2007
Three Days Grace S.T.
Thulsa Doom Keyboard, Oh Lord! Why Don't We? 2005
Tindersticks S.T. 1993
Ting Tings, The - We Started Nothing - 2008 (T)
Tool Lateralus 2001
Toploader Onka's Big Moka 2000
Tosh, Peter - Best of 1978 - 1987
Tricky Maxinquaye 1995
Tricky Pre-Millennium Tension 1996
Turbulens Against a Cult Youth 2005
Turin Brakes JackInABox 2005
TV2 En Dejlig Torsdag 1987
TV2 Nærmest Lykkelig 1988
TV2 Rigtige Mænd 1985
TV2 Nutidens Unge 1984
Type 0 Negative Bloody Kisses M
Tæskeholdet Vi Sparker Røv 1997
U2 The Best of 1980-1990 1998
U2 All That You Can't Leave Behind 2000
Ugly Kid Joe Motel California 1996
Ugly Kid Joe Menace to Sobriety 1995
Ugly Kid Joe America's Least Wanted 
Unmack, Jens - Vejen Hjem fra RocknRoll
Used, The In Love and Death 2004
USO Hold Nu 2007
Vai, Steve Real Illusions: Reflections 2005
Vampire Weekend - S.T.
Van Morrison - Astral Weeks
Van Morrison - Moondance
Van Morrison - His Band and te Street Choir
Vanity Imperfection 2005
Varano Step Up 2005
Vaughan, Sarah Sassy 1998
Vildnis København By Night 2005
Volbeat The Strength, The Sound, The Songs
Voodoo Glow Skulls Baile de los Locos 1997 
Wainwright, Loudon - Dillermix
Wainwright, Loudon - Grown Man (M:B)
Waits, Tom Closing Time 1973
Waits, Tom Big Time 1988 T
Waits, Tom - Nighthawks at the Diner (klub)
Warren Suicide S.T. 2004
Warren Suicide I Know You 2005
Wavves - Wavvves (T:B)
White Stripes, The Get Behind Me Satan 2005 T
Wilson, Cassandra Blue Skies 1988 
Wilson, Jenny - Hardships (M)
Winwood, Steve Keep On Running 1991
Wish Dead Lovers Rock 2001
Within Temptation The Silent Force 2004
Wolfmother S.T.
Wonder, Stevie Song Review - Greatest Hits 1996
Xantom First Among Equals
XX, The - s.t.
Yeahyeahyeahs Fever to Tell 2003
Young Heart Attack Mouthful of Love
Young, Neil American Stars 'N Bars 1977
Young, Neil Living With War 2006
Young, Neil After The Gold Rush 1970
Young, Neil Harvest 1972
Young, Neil Decade 1977
Young, Neil Freedom 1989
Young, Neil Harvest Moon 1992
Young, Neil Unplugged 1993
Young, Neil Prairie Wind 2005
Young, Neil S.T.
Young, Neil Everybody Knows This is Nowhere
Young, Neil On The Beach
Young, Neil Tonight's The Night
Young, Neil Zuma
Young, Neil Comes a Time
Young, Neil Live Rust
Young, Neil ARC
Young, Neil Sleeps With Angels
Young, Neil Dead Man OST
Young, Neil Live at Massey Hall
Young, Neil Chrome Dreams II
Young, Neil (Crazy Horse) Greendale 2003
Young, Neil (Crazy Horse) Rust Never Sleeps 1979
Young, Neil (Crazy Horse) Ragged Glory 1990
Young, Neil (Pearl Jam) Mirrorball 1995
Young, Neil og Yorke, Thom Live at the Bridge School Festival 2002
Young, Neil - Dreamin' Man Live '92
Yuck - s.t. (M)
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